What really happened at the Auschwitz?
2012-04-26 21:04:32 UTC
Zyklon-B insecticide, used to kill lice in the Auschwitz delousing chamber caused distinct blue staining on the walls. This is the same poison Zionists claim was used to kill millions of Jews in the notorious gas chambers. In 1990, Dr. Piper, top Auschwitz museum official with the Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow, scientifically tested the walls of the gas chamber and discovered no staining and near zero residue of anything toxic. This data is being withheld from the public. Truth does not fear investigation.
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Ray W
2012-04-27 00:31:41 UTC
Fred Leuchter was called as a witness in a Canadian court case to "prove" that the Holocaust never happened.

His credentials were that he held a degree and was an expert in the design of Gas chambers of which he had designed several for the US Penal system for the execution of inmates.

On further examination it would appear that Mr Leuchter had a degree (a poor one) in History. How this qualifies you as an engineer I am still not sure.

People that he claimed to have worked on Gas chambers for the US Penal system are quoted here.

Leuchters report was based mainly on the lack of Cyanide compounds found in "scrapings" from the walls of the gas chambers.

These scrapings were actually a single brick which he took from a gas chamber which had been in the open air for 45 years, ground up and then presented to the Institute forForensice research at Krakow. The Institute found almost Zero Cyanidic compounds. Hydrogen cyanidic compounds exposed to weather have a half life of approximately 4 days. After 45 years it would be amazing if a SURFACE scraping showed any significant % of cyanide let alone a whole brick ground up into powder

Once the institute realised exactly what it had been presented with it stated that its findings could not be considered accurate. It then conducted its own tests which are presented here.

Various people claim that Zyklon B always leaves prussian Blue stains because the delousing sheds at Auschwitz are covered in it. This is True. they are.

To kill humans with hydrogen cyanide gas takes a concentration of 315 parts per million (PPM) for a time of around 10 minutes.

To kill lice takes a concentration of around 16,000 for up to 72 hours.

This is why there is visible Prussian blue in the delousing chambers which have not been exposed to the elements. A concentration 48 times stronger and an exposure time of 288 times longer and the walls were not hosed down between treatments to get rid of the excrement.

Now do you have any more BS "proof" that the Holocaust did not happen?

2016-02-24 02:46:27 UTC
This subject has been widely posted on the internet for years , and thank you hamrrfan for your long post which gives further , post-Leuchter research on the topic . It is not being " witheld " from the public . It is quite right to say that a new thorough historical investigation of the whole holocaust epoch is long overdue and that this should involve intense forensic examination of all the camp sites as well as re-examination and evaluation of all the witness accounts . There are many inconsistencies to unravel ,as well as a lot of wartime propaganda fairy-tales to discard - nonsense about shrunken heads and lampshades made from human skin . However , that does not make the story of the Great Nazi Pogrom untrue , nor diminish the number who died , nor reduce the quantum of suffering that took place . Aushwitz was a huge industrial complex for forced labour , rather than a simple killing factory , as places like Sobibor are alleged to have been . Vast numbers of those slaves perished from brutal treatment , starvation , overwork and disease , and from the mental debility ( extreme clinical depression , trauma , psychosis ) arising from the inmates own extended experiences . So they did in the other camps . And the supreme irony is that the Allies own air campaign in the last year of the War ( which destroyed the German Logistical network , preventing food , clean water , sanitary , disinfection services in the camps ) coupled with the policy of Unconditional Surrender ( which was very naive of Roosevelt to have instituted - it simply ensured that Nazi Germany would fight on desperately to the very bitter end ) , meant that very many more camp inmates died in the final months - hence all those skeletal corpses being bulldozed into pits at Belsen ( which has never been alleged to be one of the Death-camps ) - victims of Tyhus ( lice ) Dysentery ( bad water ) and starvation . The problem for modernday Historians is that Israel relies upon Western Guilt to allow the Zionist extreme to continue to expand the Israeli takeover of Palestine , and therefore the acceptance of the whole of the conventional Holocaust Dogma is insisted upon , rather like a religious faith . Anyone who sets out to re-examine or re-evaluate is instantly labelled a Holocaust Denier , and whether an author or a professional historian , is professionally dead straight away . Look at what happened to David Irving . ( And I personally find his style ( though very knowledgeable rearding the Third Reich ) too arrogant , over-confident , polemical and basically unpleasant , so I am not a fan of his ) I believe that as the last living witnesses die , the West will tire of the Zionist excesses , abuses and oppressions in Palestine , and in the backlash this subject area will become re-opened for reasoned study , but probably not in my lifetime .
Tim D
2012-04-27 00:27:18 UTC
This data is not withheld – it is inaccurate.

Dr Piper did not (and is not a forensic scientist and does not claim to be*) and, following his misrepresentation in the video with Cole, wrote this letter

There was testing in 1990 by Markiewicz, it found high levels of cyanide but acknowledged that time had degraded the samples.

Cole was forced to recant his “evidence” as an affadavit

Sometimes truth is inconvenient for an agenda – your answer is to ignore it.

*unlike Leuchter, who did.
Mark S, JPAA
2012-04-27 05:26:11 UTC
Holocaust deniers are people who a ) want to get a rise out of others by denying obvious truths because history is always revisionary and open to interpretation (because we weren't there), memory errors, and cognitive biases. B) Holocaust deniers are people who've been taught and shown revisionist books for typically political agendas (to vilify modern Jews or minorities or to promote Nazism). C) Holocaust deniers are people who are deeply cynical and mistrustful of "official reports" and "mainstream learning" and have exposed themselves to revisionary and partial evidence that the holocaust never happened. D) People who simply refuse to believe that an entire country such as Germany could convince its people that mass slaughter is somehow, in some way, morally acceptable because a "just" god God would have stopped Hitler, or its too painful to think about, or because of blind and uncritical acceptance of "facts".

Holocaust denial falls into the same category as the group claiming that the U.S. Government is behind 9/11. It's a refusal to accept the truth because its too difficult to accept or because the individual is ignorant of the facts and latching onto ambiguities in complex data sets, or personality disordered and deeply mistrusting.
2012-04-26 23:23:46 UTC
how the fools do little home work the Gas chamber is a reconstruction the Original bricks had been lying out in the open for 50 years the crematorium is a copy from the One at dachau

all Built from the Original plane Of Auschwitz berkinau we have the Original plans the SS say they could cremate

Yes fifty years of rain now sleet Hot summers of course there was No trace of anything on the Bricks

in poland the temperatures reach in the - 40 that would Kill anything

People need to Know the History of Auschwitz pre WW2 it was a polish cavalry Barracks

thar had dinning rooms kitchens Hospitals Infirmary a Music hall soccer Fields and fire fighting water tanks converted to swimming pools BEFORE THE WAR

the SS had a medical center In auschwitz

the SS used a Jewish band to eaise moral and used at the Railway ststion (Now Gone) to calm the New arrivals to Auschwitz

Please people do some real Research Not all Wikipedia which often wrong But a good place to start

I always get 3 different sites to confirm any answer I make

David Cole has retracted all his Denial In fact he Confirms the Holocaust

when Prescott Bush and Rockefeller Built the Standard Oil/ IG Farben Petrochemical Plant at Buna they Used 83,000 salves ITT were Building Aircraft parts for Fokker Wolf owned Buy ITT

and they paid the Slaves 20 Phennings an hour this Went to the SS to feed House and doctor when necessary a trained slave if of value IBM used its Punch card system to ensure the slaves were used Efficiently read who owned IG farben in the Link

Can you see what i am saying Historians Must deny the Holocaust or the USA must take Most f the Blame the Funded Hitler and his Bid for election 1933 Fact i will enclose Links

as you say the Real Truth does not fear investigation.But lies are soon discarded Like Mr Cole

the NAZI archives indicate that Crematoriums 1 2 3 4 and 5 could Burn 4756 corpses a day

4756 x 52 = 247 312 in one year that is 4756 x 52 x 4 = 989 248 in 4 years and that is Only the Bodies Burnt Not Killed

the Nazis Built 20,000 camps ( source Imperial war Museum) there were about 21 death camps

let us assume that only i a day died in ever camp 20 000 x 365 x 4 = 29 200 000 we all Know Dachau was Open for 12 years so lets say i died every other day 15 million and the confirmed figured alon for Auschwitz is 1.2 million David cole agrees with these Figures

Excerpts from David Cole's retraction:

I would like to state for the record that there is no question in my mind that during the Holocaust of Europe's Jews during World War II, the Nazis employed gas chambers in an attempt to commit genocide against the Jews. At camps in both Eastern and Western Europe, Jews were murdered in gas chambers which employed such poison gases as Zyklon B and carbon monoxide (in the Auschwitz camp, for example, the gas chambers used Zyklon B). The evidence for this is overwhelming and unmistakable...

I now understand that I owe it to the people I wronged to make a forceful repudiation [sic] of my earlier views. I also owe a very large apology, not only to the many people I enraged, and to the family and friends I hurt, but especially to the survivors of the Holocaust, who deserve only our respect and compassion, not re-victimization.

Therefore, to all of the above people, let me offer my most humble and very, very sincere apology. I am sorry for what I did, and I am sorry for the hurt I caused David Cole

do your own Research people try using Google Ca or Google Au Google De even Google Jp here is why

Google USA who financed hitler ? 62,600 results Question why so few from the USA what are they Hiding

Google Au who financed hitler ? 1,670,000 results

Google Ca who financed hitler ? 2,230,000 results
2012-04-26 21:24:10 UTC
About 30% of the holocaust murders took place there. There would be no trace of the Zyklon-B used in the murders because the crystals broke down to cyanide and then dissipated so fast that the slave laborers could safely enter the chamber in a very short time. If the gas dissipated in minutes to an hour, no poisonous residue would have been found in 1990.
2012-04-26 21:24:05 UTC
What really happended at Auschwitz were extremely horrific genocidal activities. A Jewish Holocaust survivor came to my school when I was in 6th. grade and talked about it. Regardkess of how exactly it was carried out, massive amounts of people were murdered at Auschwitz.
2012-04-26 21:13:32 UTC
Sorry to disappoint you. There are literally mountains of evidence against you.

The survivors of the camps. How are you going to brush of those?

A couple of million people getting paid to look like walking skeletons?

The guards themselves. They gave evidence of what they did. All of them were tortured, bribed or pressured to give evidence?

The administration is there, not 100% intact, but pretty damn close to it. The Jewish conspiracy created those records?

You can find out easily about Zykolon B, but just like Creation fundies you're not going to. Because the truth conflicts with your religion. Truth does not fear investigation, but it sure hurts.
2012-04-26 21:09:43 UTC
regardless of what truly happened, you and I were not there. Millions were killed and I feel it may be a but insensitive of you to question the events of such hardships that many survivors remember. Interesting question. I don't feel that there should be any reason for this information to be help from the public, and that if something different happened there would be concrete evidence to prove so.
2012-04-26 21:05:32 UTC
ya they be killing them jews off like popcorn
2012-04-26 23:57:14 UTC
I expect this is being asked to get a reaction. My reaction is the evidence stacks up and you cannot, in a million years, deflect it.

History still has two legs to stand on, your revisionism does not.
2012-04-26 21:27:24 UTC
You are right in that truth does not fear investigation. And the Holocaust is one of the most well studiied events in history. It is a shame you deniers don't actually study it, but instead you take misquotes out of context, and use the same bs again and again even adternot has been conclusively debunked.

How do we know the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews en masse? The same way we prove the Holocaust in general--a convergence of evidence from various sources:

1. Written documents--Orders for Zyklon-B gas, blueprints and orders for building materials for the crematoria, etc.

2. Eyewitness testimony--Sonderkommando diaries, confessions of guards and commandants, etc.

3. Photographs--Not only of the camps, but especially interesting are the secret photos taken of the burning of bodies that were smuggled out of Auschwitz.

4. The camps themselves--forensic tests have now been conducted demonstrating the homicidal use of both the gas chambers and the crematoria for the express purpose of exterminating large numbers of prisoners (Pressac, 1989; Pressac and Van Pelt, 1994).

5. Negative evidence--we have documentation of the numbers of prisoners shipped to the various camps, the numbers that were transferred, and the number liberated. The difference between the latter with the former two figures gives an approximation of the numbers who died or were killed (see Hilberg, 1961).

Besides which, the Nazis tried to hide the evidence by destroying the gas chambers. The gas chambers at auschwitz now are a reconstruction made to represent the original base chambers. They contain some of the original brickwork, and some new bricks.

Deniers try to claim that the fact the current chambers are reconstructions as proof. However they ignore the fact that the original chambers were destroyed. They quote Piper out of context and claim he is saying the chambers never existed. But he never said that, all he is saying is that because the current gas chambers aren't the originals, testing them for gas is pointless, as not all the bricks are the original bricks. Besides which, it is now 65 years since the Holocaust, so much of the gas residue would no longer exist.

Claiming the current reconstructions don't test positive for gas therefore the Holocaust didn't happen is like claiming a gun can't be used as a murder weapon because a toy gun can't shoot a bullet.
2012-04-27 06:45:24 UTC
see it here;

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