What really happened at Auschwitz?
2012-04-26 16:44:40 UTC
Zyklon-B insecticide, used to kill lice in the Auschwitz delousing chamber caused distinct blue staining on the walls. This is the same poison Zionists claim was used to kill millions of Jews in the notorious gas chambers. In 1990, Dr. Piper, top Auschwitz museum official with the Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow, scientifically tested the walls of the gas chamber and discovered no staining and near zero residue of anything toxic.
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Ray W
2012-04-27 00:35:23 UTC
As you asked the same question twice I will give you the same answer twice.

Fred Leuchter was called as a witness in a Canadian court case to "prove" that the Holocaust never happened.

His credentials were that he held a degree and was an expert in the design of Gas chambers of which he had designed several for the US Penal system for the execution of inmates.

On further examination it would appear that Mr Leuchter had a degree (a poor one) in History. How this qualifies you as an engineer I am still not sure.……

People that he claimed to have worked on Gas chambers for the US Penal system are quoted here.…

Leuchters report was based mainly on the lack of Cyanide compounds found in "scrapings" from the walls of the gas chambers.

These scrapings were actually a single brick which he took from a gas chamber which had been in the open air for 45 years, ground up and then presented to the Institute forForensice research at Krakow. The Institute found almost Zero Cyanidic compounds. Hydrogen cyanidic compounds exposed to weather have a half life of approximately 4 days. After 45 years it would be amazing if a SURFACE scraping showed any significant % of cyanide let alone a whole brick ground up into powder

Once the institute realised exactly what it had been presented with it stated that its findings could not be considered accurate. It then conducted its own tests which are presented here.…

Various people claim that Zyklon B always leaves prussian Blue stains because the delousing sheds at Auschwitz are covered in it. This is True. they are.

To kill humans with hydrogen cyanide gas takes a concentration of 315 parts per million (PPM) for a time of around 10 minutes.

To kill lice takes a concentration of around 16,000 for up to 72 hours.

This is why there is visible Prussian blue in the delousing chambers which have not been exposed to the elements. A concentration 48 times stronger and an exposure time of 288 times longer and the walls were not hosed down between treatments to get rid of the excrement.

Now do you have any more BS "proof" that the Holocaust did not happen?

2012-04-26 19:46:09 UTC
Zyklon-B was a prussic acid set of by heat. So, in the colder months there were some considerable problems to kill those people fast enough and they came up with another idea of installing heat fans of some sort. But the Nazis were not particularly worried of how long it took to kill you as long as you were locked inside those chambers. If ever there has been more treachery committed with mass murder, none could possibly surpass this. They were averaging a staggering 5700 people per day in that bloody camp with a total of 1,100,000 going to their death's. Forget the staining on the wall rubbish, as soon as those doors opened, the place was ventilated and expertly cleaned out before the next poor innocents were entered. ADD-ON.... As a matter of interest - Zylon-B is still being manufactured under strict licensing codes in the Czech-Republic today, I do not know for what reason.
2012-04-26 17:46:20 UTC
Actually if you read Pipers own work rather than relying on the Cole/Piper "interviews" you will see that Piper actually took the number of people murdered at Auschwitz from "around a million to 1.1 million) and a million of them were Jewish.

If you want to hate zionists be my guest. I am an a Jewish Israeli American Zionist and quite frankly I don't care if you hate us or not. Deniers, anti-Semities, bigots and just plain ignorant people are of little or no consequence to the Jewish people. If you were a person whose opinion we thought mattered we might fight harder to convince you but the fact is that sane non-bigoted people can do their own research on the holocaust and will see the facts. Others rely on You Tube and other hate sites.

Just think about it logically for a minute. Auschwitz Birkenau is a historical site where the lessons of the holocaust and the memory of those who perished is kept alive. The site is run by a council that is chaired by Professor Władysław Bartoszewski, a former Auschwitz prisoner. Dr Franciszek Piper is simply a Polish historian who has done much research on camp records. If he was a denier, do you think he would be allowed by the council to study the records and if he was really a denier would he alter the figures of the dead to make them more and not less. In addition, he is not the "top museum official". That is Piotr Cywiński.

You need to study things that are not on You Tube and and other such sites. Use non-biased sources and do your own research but like I said, you opinion is of little consequence to most knowledgeable people.

I am going to star this for my contacts. In particular, Mark is a scientist and maybe he can explain this slowly enough for you to understand it.
2012-04-26 17:16:09 UTC
Total rubbish

How do we know the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews en masse? The same way we prove the Holocaust in general--a convergence of evidence from various sources:

1. Written documents--Orders for Zyklon-B gas, blueprints and orders for building materials for the crematoria, etc.

2. Eyewitness testimony--Sonderkommando diaries, confessions of guards and commandants, etc.

3. Photographs--Not only of the camps, but especially interesting are the secret photos taken of the burning of bodies that were smuggled out of Auschwitz.

4. The camps themselves--forensic tests have now been conducted demonstrating the homicidal use of both the gas chambers and the crematoria for the express purpose of exterminating large numbers of prisoners (Pressac, 1989; Pressac and Van Pelt, 1994).

5. Negative evidence--we have documentation of the numbers of prisoners shipped to the various camps, the numbers that were transferred, and the number liberated. The difference between the latter with the former two figures gives an approximation of the numbers who died or were killed (see Hilberg, 1961).

Besides which, the Nazis tried to hide the evidence by destroying the gas chambers. The gas chambers at auschwitz now are a reconstruction made to represent the original base chambers. They contain some of the original brickwork, and some new bricks.

Deniers try to claim that the fact the current chambers are reconstructions as proof. However they ignore the fact that the original chambers were destroyed. They quote Piper out of context and claim he is saying the chambers never existed. But he never said that, all he is saying is that because the current gas chambers aren't the originals, testing them for gas is pointless, as not all the bricks are the original bricks. Besides which, it is now 65 years since the Holocaust, so much of the gas residue would no longer exist.

Claiming the current reconstructions don't test positive for gas therefore the Holocaust didn't happen is like claiming a gun can't be used as a murder weapon because a toy gun can't shoot a bullet.
2012-04-26 17:10:52 UTC
Millions of Jews and other civilians were murdered at the hands of the Nazis in Auschwitz and other camps, this is no Zionist claim, this is a claim of any clear minded individual whose judgement is not clouded by anti-semitism. The Nazis were excellent record keepers, those records plus photgraphic evidence is more then enough to damn them into to bowels of Hell for eternity!
2012-04-26 17:06:35 UTC
The Zylon B was released through vents in the center of the execution rooms. It decomposes spontaneously into HCN, hydrogen cyanide. That gas dissipated so quickly that slave laborers could remove the corpses in just a few minutes. This was unspeakably horrid but quite efficient in executing large numbers of people. Since there was so little cyanide left in a few minutes, it's not surprising that nothing was detectable years later.
2012-04-26 17:01:52 UTC
this pesticide was meant to dissipate quickly or else it would have killed the soldiers also. what really happened? million were killed brutally. Nazi's are the shame of the human race. BTW not only Zionists tell this same fact, the majority of the world knows the truth.

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